Adder coils up tight ~in the morning thaw, ~her spangled train helter skeltering down ~and tangled in stories spun of age: ~ Is there anywhere safe for a snake, who's ~Scorned as Eden's "honey-trap"? ~Tossed like cauldron fodder in to a witches' bake? ~And chased off cliffs by a so called Saint?!!! ~ No wonder... Continue Reading →

Hunter’s Teeth

The hunter’s teeth are ivory sawsThat hack through bone and sever fleshThe hunter’s teeth are snarling eyesThat slice the mesh of nervous headsBut hunter knows thatteeth can turnburrow through its own mind’s fleshsometimes hunter hunts itselfLike teeth that eat through sleep


Sometimes symbols ~ can make the sky seem pitiful ~ and answerable to the burn of a wish ~ Like the lovers ascending the village steps, who see ~ A stork land on their church’s stack ~ piecing a nest with ~ The cross at its head Its back to the growing, ripening moon.


All trees tickle at the tap, the drum of ~ the woodpecker’s peck, the quick-side splitter!  ~ A willow wriggles when probed by its tongue which ~ bends for bugs' legs ~ that itch as they scatter ~ A birch tree bellows as pin striped feathers ~ brush in the belly-button hollow, heaving the ribs... Continue Reading →

Lizard Throne

On the top of lava stone ~ Lava lizard flicks to show ~ A spangled jerkin ~ Fire throat ~ Poised to take the lizard throne

Fear Plays

Leap impala leap ~ as your belly flutters ~ at the slightest quiver of dust ~ Or hair raising rustle ~ Listen impala, hear ~ that detuned muscle ~ that plays in your core. ~ Till strings give ~ Springing you up and ~ Over ~ Clearing the coil of the road and ~ Away... Continue Reading →

Call me cold blooded

When the sea shows its claws  ~ I’ll lay like a lava rock, my ~ Back to its sulphurous hiss, ~ Unmoved by its attention-seeking pounce. ~ When the wind sighs in drones of plea ~ I’ll lie with the others of my kind, ~ in a hot pit to bask ~ Hardening my spine... Continue Reading →


When your boot weighs as much as a baby ~ the long tailed tit seems weightless ~ Kissing the sky with its teaser lips ~ to scoop, under a perch with pastry fork feet ~ It adds no weight to the world at all! ~ In fact, somehow, a weight parts ~ Like the sooty... Continue Reading →

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